Types of Carpets


Wool carpets have deep, rich colours and resist soiling well. This traditional natural material is renowned for looking good for a long time, and being easy to clean. Some wool carpets are blended with synthetics for extra hard-wearing qualities.


Polypropylene carpets are extremely resistant to staining because the colour goes right through the synthetic fibres while they are being manufactured. These carpets can even be cleaned with a diluted bleach solution, so they're great in places where you might get spills.


Polyamide is an exceptionally tough synthetic material and is exceptionally hard-wearing - it is also good for lively colours and patterns.

Types of Pile


Twist is as the name suggests, it is made of twisted yarn - it comes in a very wide range of colours and prices, and can be plain or a heather type mix.

Berber / Natural

Berbers and Naturals are made with small or wide loops of yarn, giving a smooth or textured finish that is stylish but hard wearing.

Cut Pile

Cut pile carpets such as Saxony's are made with tufts that are then cut off at different lengths to give a soft, luxurious finish - for example, Shag pile is made with extra-long tufts.

Cut and Loop

Cut and loops are made with both cut pile and loop pile to give texture to any room.

Flat Weave

Flat weave are made with interlocking threads this carpet has a shallow pile. Although the pile is loop there is no height, which means it shows no sign of flattening.


Wilton's are rich quality woven carpets normally in traditional regal styles using many colours. They are woven from a continuous strand of yarn, and can come in either looped or cut pile varieties.

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